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Philadelphia homeowners in need of a quick, simply way to sell their homes turn to GrassRoots Financial for fair offers and fast closing times. If you’re curious about the Cash for Homes process, benefits about selling to a real estate investment company or for general questions, refer to our We Buy Houses FAQ resource below.

25 Common We Buy Houses FAQ from Homeowners

Who usually sells houses to GrassRoots Financial?

Our clients are mostly homeowners who want to sell, but don’t want to deal with the headaches that come with traditional real estate. We also help those who need to sell and move quickly for a job relocation, inherited a house they do not want or could soon be facing foreclosure.

How Does the Cash for Homes Process Work?

GrassRoots Financial offers a simple 4 step “We Buy Houses Process” which starts with a free, no obligation consultation and ends with an all-cash offer in hand. Click here to learn more about our process.

Are there any fees involved?

When you deal with our real estate investment company, we promise no hidden fees, no financing and no commission. Once you accept our cash offer, we arrange for payment to be made to you. At this point, we take over ownership of the house and you are free to use the money to move, pay off debt or downsize.

Do you literally hand me cash?

Since all real estate transactions in Pennsylvania must be recorded, we cannot hand you a briefcase full of cash. We do, however, provide our clients with a check payment.

How do you determine your offer?

In order to provide you with a fair and accurate cash offer for your Philadelphia home, we take into consideration market conditions, repair costs and the resale value of similar homes in the neighborhood.

Will you pay market value for my home?

GrassRoots Financial will make a fair offer based on the expected market value after a full renovation (minus the time and cost of the renovation).

Do you buy townhouses, condos, etc.?

Yes! We’ll purchase homes, condos, townhouses and duplexes.

Can I sell an inherited house?

As long as the home is in your name you can sell inherited property to GrassRoots Financial.

How can I avoid foreclosure?

There are only a few ways to get out of your home mortgage and avoid foreclosure, many of which will negatively affect your credit for years. Call GrassRoots Financial today to hear about how our investors can offer you a legitimate way out of your mortgage.

Do I need to make repairs or upgrades?

No! We buy homes as-is, no matter if you have a roof leak, need an electrical panel upgrade or renovations.

Can you provide proof of funds?

As a reputable real estate investment company we can provide proof that we have the funds to cover the offer on your Philadelphia home.

I have liens, taxes and judgments that I am unable to pay; can you still buy my home?

We ask that you inform us of any of the above factors at the time of our no-obligation consultation. This way we will be able to work with you and come up with the best solution to pay these off and still make a fair offer on your house.

Am I obligated to accept your cash offer?

You are in no way obligated to accept our offer; you will not be charged any fees or costs for our consultation or any of our services.

How long will it take to close?

GrassRoots Financial can present an offer within 24 hours of the property assessment and you chose your preferred closing date.

How can I spot a We Buy Homes for Cash scam?

There are many cash for homes business in Philadelphia. Some, like GrassRoots Financial are legit, others may just be trying to scam you out of a fair price for your home. To avoid such a scam make sure you do your research and look for these tell-tale signs: over eager behavior, asking for a signature before you have the money, among others.

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Why don’t you purchase homes listed with a real estate agency?

When a seller originally decides to go the route of traditional real estate they sign a contract and are obligated to the terms of that agreement.

If I cancel my agent agreement, can you buy my home?

Unfortunately, not. The property is now deemed “at risk” because you were unable to market it and sell it at asking price.

Who is actually buying my house?

GrassRoots Financial is comprised of a team of real estate investors ready to buy your property at a fair market price.

Can I sell my house if I’m behind in payments?

With quick closing in about 3 weeks, you can have a cash offer in hand before you miss another payment.

What if I’m in pre-foreclosure?

As long as you’re honest from the beginning we can help homeowners in a wide variety of circumstances needing to get out of a home mortgage.

What do you plan to do with my home/property?

With many of our Philadelphia properties we will do a full renovation then sell it to another buyer. In some instances, depending on the current market, we will sit on a property as a long-term investment.

Why should I choose GrassRoots Financial vs. traditional real estate?

Take a look at our side-by-side comparison of a real estate sale vs. selling to GrassRoots Financial – the choice is clear!

Do you buy houses outside of Philadelphia?

Currently, we are only purchasing homes in Philadelphia neighborhoods including West Philly, Southwest Philadelphia, Penn’s Landing, South Philly & much more. However, we have plans for expansion in the very near future!

How can I join your affiliate investor program?

If you’re a Philadelphia real estate investor looking to expand your portfolio and increase profits, you can join our affiliate program! Fill out the real estate investor opportunity form and someone will be in touch with you right away.

How can I get started?

If you need to sell your house in a hurry for any reason, call GrassRoots Financial today at 215-728-9944 to get the process started to for answers to more of your questions. Our main goal is to help struggling Philadelphia homeowners achieve the financial freedom they deserve through our stress-free, no-hassle Cash for Homes Process. If we haven’t answered all of your questions on our We Buy Houses FAQ guide, please fall for more information.

We buy houses in ANY CONDITION. There are no extra fees and no obligation. Start by sending us the house address or give us a call today!


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