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Pros & Cons of Selling to a Direct Home Buyer

Listing the Pros & Cons of Selling to a Direct Home Buyer

GrassRoots Financial Pros Selling to Direct Home Buyer PhiladelphiaWhen a homeowner is considering selling their house their first instinct is to turn to a real estate agency to handle the process from start to finish. Many times, homeowners don’t know there are several other options to sell without a real estate agent. If you’re looking to save time, money and stress your best bet may be to use a direct home buyer. GrassRoots Financial, based in Philadelphia PA, lists the many pros (and one small con) of selling to a direct home buyer.

5 Pros & 1 Small Con when you Sell your Home to a Direct Buyer

Pro – Fast & Straightforward Close

Direct home buyers can generally close faster than a real estate agent. At GrassRoots Financial we can get you a cash offer within 24 hours and close in as little as 7 days. We do not take a commission fee or charge a closing cost.

Pro – Purchase Home “As-Is”

We save our clients’ money by buying your home completely “as is.” You do not have to worry about any repair costs, upgrades or renovations.

Con – Below Market Offer

The biggest complaint we hear from those who do not understand the process of working with a direct home buyer is that the offer is below market value. However, this is not necessarily 100% true. While our offer might be lower than what your house is worth, you have to take into consideration that we do not take a commission or charge for closing costs, marketing fees, inspections or upgrades. Taking these into consideration actually makes our offer quite comparable.

Pro – No Open House or Showings

When you sell to a real estate investment company you do not have to worry about dozens and dozens of people treading in and out of your house on a daily basis. With GrassRoots Financial you only have one showing – to us!

Pro – Select Move Out Date

The process of selling through a real estate agent can drag out for 3+ months with a closing date set for 60 days after. At GrassRoots Financial after you accept our offer you select the closing date!

Pro – Avoid Foreclosure

If you can no longer afford your mortgage and you do not want to face a foreclosure situation, we can give you the fresh start you need. You’ll have cash in your hand, no longer worry about your mortgage and maintain your good credit standings. See other ways you can get out of your current home mortgage.

Real Estate Investment Company in Philadelphia

Our direct home buyer company in Philadelphia, PA is dedicated to helping homeowners find an easy solution to their financial headaches by selling your home quickly for cash. If you need to sell your home for any reason, call 215-728-9944 to speak to our friendly and passionate home buyer investors.

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