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How to Prepare to Sell an Ugly House

Need to Sell your Ugly House? Learn the Best Preparation Tips

GrassRoots Financial Preparation Tips to Sell an Ugly HouseThe explosion of home makeover & design shows has allowed homebuyers to be more educated about purchases and renovations. But it has also made them much more visual when shopping for their dream home. While some of the features in your home you see as adding character, new buyers may not find your yellow tiled bathtub or carpeted flooring the same way. If you’re ready to put your home on the market, but not prepared to make all of the updates, GrassRoots Financial is here to provide some tips on how you can sell your ugly house with minimal effort!

8 Easy Tips to Sell an Ugly House

Highlight Potential: There are many buyers looking for the opportunity to transform an ugly house into something amazing. Selling points could include: square footage, acreage, location, original hardwood floors & more.

Boast about the Area: Many buyers are looking to own a piece of a specific neighborhood, with the house being a secondary priority. Highlight the great parts of where you live like the school district, proximity to major highways, business opportunities, etc.

Set the Right Price: When you want to sell an ugly house, the price has to reflect the potential renovations necessary, while also trying to make a profit (or break even). Do some research of surrounding houses that have recently sold in similar condition to yours as reference.

Focus on the Good: Even if you deem your home as ugly, there are definitely some redeeming qualities that make it a great buy for potential homeowners. Even if they’re minor, focus on the good your home has to offer: 2 stories, basement, new roof, fresh paint, etc.

Extreme Cleaning: Power wash the exterior, deep clean the carpets and get rid of the clutter. These small steps can go along way in showing off the potential of your ugly home.

Don’t Hide the Flaws: Buyers will do their due diligence and take advantage of multiple showings, inspections and contingencies. Don’t let your ugly house fall out of escrow by hiding flaws that will definitely show up on such reports.

Sell to a Cash for Homes Buyer: If the preparation to sell your ugly house seems overwhelming, contact a Cash for Home Buyer company like GrassRoots Financial in Philadelphia. We buy ugly homes, no matter the condition! Our real estate investors offer a fair, all-cash offer for all homes regardless of their condition. For more information on selling your home for cash, contact our Philadelphia office today: 215-728-9944.

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